Research and Reports

As you approach key stakeholders to discuss small community air service, it is important to be armed with the most recent facts. A number of academic, governmental, and independent sources have recently conducted extensive reviews of the state of the regional airline industry. Links to these research studies are available below.

Regional Air Service Alliance (RASA) Analysis and Advocacy

RASA Communities Letter to FAA Administrator Michael P. Huerta, October 24, 2016
One Page Briefing on the Challenges Facing Small Community Air Service in the U.S.

Broken Promises: Deregulation and Consolidation Have Not Been Kind to Smaller Airports

A Deeper Dive on the Timing of Events That Will Impact the Pilot Supply Issue

A Compendium of Thoughts and Themes from Stakeholders Regarding the Pilot Shortage in the U.S.


MIT International Center for Air Transportation
Small Community Air Service White Paper Series

Trends and Market Forces Shaping Small Community Air Service in the U.S.
2013 Data Update: Trends and Market Forces Shaping Small Community Air Service in the U.S.
Modeling Changes in Connectivity at U.S. Airports: A Small Community Perspective
Evolving Trends of U.S. Domestic Airfares: The Impacts of Competition, Consolidation, and Low-Cost Carriers
An Assessment of Air Service Accessibility in U.S. Metropolitan Regions

University of North Dakota

Pilot Source Study 2015: US Regional Airline Pilot Hiring Background Characteristic Changes Consequent to Public Law 111-216 and the FAA First Officer Qualifications Rule
An Investigation of the United States Airline Pilot Labor Supply

Government Accountability Office

Current and Future Availability of Airline Pilots (GAO-14-232)
Airline Competition (GAO-14-515)

InterVISTAS Consulting

Economic Impact of Small Community Airports
The Pending Pilot Shortage: A 2017 Regional Industry Issue At Work

Flightpath Economics

Grounded: The Devastating Impacts of the Pilot Supply Crisis