What Can Be Done?

The Solutions to the Pilot Shortage Must Begin Today

The effects of the pilot shortage on commercial aviation in the U.S. are fast approaching. Regulators, aviation policymakers, airlines, unions, and pilots alike must act quickly to prevent significant cuts in airline service at America’s smaller communities The pilot shortage could be mitigated by:

Short-Term Solutions

  • Reforming government regulation to allow for increasing the number of college flight credits from accredited institutions against the 1500 hours necessary to obtain an ATP license. This will let young aviators enter the flight deck sooner while skills are still fresh.
  • Rebalancing the wage pyramid of commercial aviation by reducing the gaps between regional pilot and mainline pilot wages. This will increase the short-term attractiveness of commercial aviation relative to other professions.
  • Increasing the attractiveness of a pilot career by offering subsidized or delayed-repayment loans to new pilots.

Long-Term Solutions

  • Encouraging the development of a replacement 50-seat aircraft that will keep commercial aviation to small communities safe, comfortable, and economically feasible.

None of these solutions will come easy. That’s why we need your support as we highlight the issue of small community air service in Washington. Join RASA and make your voice heard.