Your membership in RASA² gives you, your airport, and your community:

  • A dedicated and unified voice to communicate the importance of small community air service to national, state, and local leaders;
  • Early access to RASA²-sponsored studies, white papers, reports, and data that clearly identify the challenges facing small community air service in the United States and propose innovative solutions to improve service;
  • Enhanced national and local media coverage of small community air service development issues and regulatory roadblocks;
  • A network of peers facing similar air transportation challenges;
  • The ability to shape the nation’s conversation about small community air service;
  • Access to an experienced team of experts with a proven track record of analyzing and promoting air service at airports of all sizes;
  • The opportunity to sponsor real change in removing some of the legislative hurdles to small community air service in the United States.

RASA² cannot exist without your support. For our efforts to gain traction in Washington, RASA² needs the backing of many of America’s airports that have experienced first-hand the challenges of maintaining small community air service. Join RASA² in ensuring that commercial airline service will continue to keep America’s small communities connected to the nation and the world for years to come.

William “Bill” Swelbar
Executive Director, Regional Air Service Alliance (RASA²)
Executive Vice President, InterVISTAS Consulting