About RASA²

RASA Gives a Voice to Small Community Air Service

The Regional Air Service Alliance (RASA²) is an advocacy group for the continued strength and growth of small community air service in the United States. Now in its second iteration, RASA² is comprised of a group of over 60 U.S. airports of all sizes that believe that market-based freedoms should be afforded to airports to address market-based happenings in commercial aviation that they cannot control.

RASA’s members are located across the country and span some of the largest hubs in the country as well as smaller regional airports. Many RASA² members are located in states that have been identified by RASA’s unique Air Service Vulnerability Index as being particularly vulnerable to losses in air service as a result of airline consolidation, inadequate pilot supply, and a national trend toward larger aircraft.

Download a one-page handout describing RASA² and join our consortium of stakeholders to bring the discussion regarding small community air service to Congress.