Small Community Air Service Provides $121B in Economic Impact and Supports 1.1m Jobs

Is Your Community at Risk of Losing Commercial Air Service?

Regional airline service provides a vital link between America’s small communities and the global economy.

Yet this vital air service is at risk, endangering economic development efforts in small communities. From 2007-2016, America’s smallest airports lost 32% of their scheduled departures, compared to a reduction of just 6% at the nation’s largest airports. If nothing is done, hundreds of small communities risk losing some or all of their commercial airline service.

The Regional Air Service Alliance (RASA²)–a coalition of airports, state aviation departments, businesses, economic development agencies, chambers of commerce, and others interested in the future of small community air service in the United States–was formed to give a voice to stakeholders concerned about further cuts in air service.

Join us in working to remove impediments to, and finding solutions for, the maintenance of sustainable air service to small and medium sized communities in the U.S.

RASA’s U.S. Air Service Vulnerability Index: Which States Are Most At Risk?

Source: RASA Air Service Vulnerability Index